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AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 12/28/2003 10:44:00 PM BODY: John Ray has often written about how far-left many academics are. I have seen many incidents where an educator is quite a bit off to the left than his or her students. I'm thinking of two specific incidents in my memory where this has happened.

In 9th grade during the 2000 election, the school libriarian went on about how we were unlike the rest of the world in that we did not have a direct democracy.

For this next example, a little background is needed. In Minnesota, high school students in juinor and seinor years can take classes at University and College level. A pair of twin sisters took the same geography course, and got a helping of leftist propoganda with it. One sister's presentation compared the Savage Reservation in Huxley's Brave New World to colonialism. It more describes what happens when a tolterian society meets an unassimilated mass.

However, Land-Grant Colleges in the United States are required by law to have a Reserve Officer's Training Corps (pronounced ROT-ce) unit on campus, as under the Goldwater-Nichols Act (IIRC), if the military desires. These units are linked with federal funding for private instutions, and cannot be removed from Land-Grant schools. They were highly unpopular in the 1960's, and at the 1980 United Methodist General Conference there was a movement to remove them from all Methodist affiliated schools.

The units are departments under, presumeably, the head of the college, with the seinor military instructor ranking as an O-6. This, along with agriculture, is an island of sanity at a college.

Why Ag? It requires objective results.

My thoughts and papers- updated irregularly. These are only my opinoins, do not apply these to anyone or the U.S. Government, who I do not represent.

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