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AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 1/07/2004 09:37:00 PM BODY: God and Polititicians

I have just finished watching a PBS show on Abraham Lincoln, and what struck me is how much American Society has changed. If President Bush, or any other leader was to refer to God in the same way Lincoln did, he would be tarred and feathered by the press for trying, "To make all Americans have his religion."

In his Second inaugural Address, he made references to how the war was an act of God, perhaps punishment. If Mr. Bush was to make the same point, that our War on Terrorism was working because of God, there would be much complaining and mashing of teeth from both the left and the Freedom FROM religion movement. I find this demand that our public officials show no religious belief highly insulting, as they are the people who must have ethics, and are public role models for all of us. That is why I have a problem with Mr. Clinton.

I don't know, but does anyone else think I'm suffering from Nogalsta?

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