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AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 1/03/2004 02:34:00 AM BODY: Steven den Beste wrote a long article in response to a post from another blogger. This opus, Fire and Steel is on American Power and the will to use that power.

The money quote from the beginning: Since its founding, the US has fought a major war at least once every 30 years, in part because too often there's been an assumption by others that the American people used to be strong but had become weak and decadent.

I take this to mean that memories tend to be generational in nature. "It happened to dad's generation in a different country, so it won't happen to us now," is the thought that comes to mind.

Now, we fight a two front war. It is the spirit of Traditional America, that of Jackson and Jefferson, the Cowboy, Norman Rockwell, and Heinlien's Juvenile fiction, against theocratic who hate Western Civilization, but not its products, and Transnational Post-modernists. We're fighting religious fanatics, and intellectuals. The fanatics are easy, the intellectuals aren't.

It is not easy to fight against a class of people who are in yours and your friends leadership and places of power. At home, we fight against Noam Choamsky and his ilk. John Ray speaks about these people from experience. These are the people who say that all violence and use of force is wrong, we must be live in peace, and it is best to be humble, and let everyone else decide how you live.

My left testicle!

There are times, when the use of any kind of force is need internationally. Popular, as was semi-successfully used against France (if any thing being the butt of jokes as opposed to, say, Rednecks, was useful), can be used, but only by the best P.R. crews. Diplomatic pressure, the most common form, had a spectacular failure against Iraq, where 12 years of intermittent pressure did not do very well, and ended up needing a second war. Economic pressure, like sanctions, which are not very successful since Ol' Fidel is celebrating 45 years in power. The final form of power used is military, and this tends to produce spectacular results. Argentina democratized following their war in 1982, Quaffadi shut up after the F-111's and A-6's took out his power, including hitting a palace, and now every one is paying attention after the 21 days it took to reach Baghdad. Ultimately, the international scene is one where there is no common culture, therefore, no law in common.

Part of the reason power perception is cyclic is a feeling of we can do it better, and small events will predict large events. In science, the second observation is true, while it is not in sociology. The reason the Rangers were killed in Somalia is because the on scene commanders did not practice a section of basic military doctorine:Always go in with overwhelming force. This basic rule was forgotten in a wizbang, high tech environment. However, because overwhelming force must always be used, we cannot forget it must be used to a full extent. It is not enough to just destroy the opponent's army. You need to crush his will. This becomes a lot easier when "friendly" media becomes an enemy fifth column, as occurred recently.

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