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AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 4/23/2004 08:35:00 PM BODY: American Warfighting
I have noticed the majority of American wars that stay in our collective memory are fought for as much as anything, for the future.

Our Revolution was fighting for our future as a nation and people.
The American Civil war was fought for two visions, we are one nation and there is a society where there is an idea of equality.
The Second World War was fought to decide wheather the future was to be one of hope, or one of dark oppression.
The Cold War was the battle of ideas, between peoples who valued their words at face values, and a group of shameless, lying tyrants who would stop an nothing to promote their ideas.
Our war against Terrorism is one where we must fight to insure, "that goverment for the people, by the people, and of the people shall not perish from this earth," as much as anything else.

What are you fighting for?
My thoughts and papers- updated irregularly. These are only my opinoins, do not apply these to anyone or the U.S. Government, who I do not represent.

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