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AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 5/21/2004 10:20:00 PM BODY: Hmmm.
You've jumped to some conclusions here. Former Secretary Lehman criticized the C3 structure of the NYFD and PD.

It is not suprising that he said characterized it as poor.

The biggest reason they have such bad C3 between the branches uniformaly sucks is a nasty rivalry that makes the services funding battles seem TINY!

A small amount of proof is my younger brother, a High School FRESHMAN, is in the Fire Explorers. He refers to the Police as "Doughnut Eating [insert insulting name here]s." Hmmm, when they are training in a rivalry at the earliest stages, does not suprise me that there is bad communications.

Another example, in a Chicago Suburb, I took a First Aid course from the Fire Department. The teacher, a paramedic, said the police departments do not know anything about rescuing.

Yes, these are small incidents, but they are indicidive of a larger division, with each regarding the other is unable to do a job. Think, please.

Oh, on Sec. Lehman, the man ran through nasty protestors and police barricades around the White House during the Nixon Adminstration, as well as flew over N. Vietnam for several tours.


Michael Thompson.
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