The Applicant
AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 6/09/2004 07:09:00 PM BODY: Good bye, Mr. President.
I've been listening to the Regean farwell at the Capitol. Listening to it, I fell, my god, I am PROUD to be a heir to this tradtion. I know how I feel, and that is lucky. That I feal that I am indebted to this man, even though I did not know him, that I am able to be free.
Thank You.

The speaches earlier, are amoazing. Speaker Hastert's, is amazing. Thank You, Sirs.

That we choose to honor average people that do extraordinary things is amazing. We do need these things. Because of this legacy, I am proud I have earned a Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps Scholarship.

Please take him, Father.
My thoughts and papers- updated irregularly. These are only my opinoins, do not apply these to anyone or the U.S. Government, who I do not represent.

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