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AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 7/07/2004 04:06:00 PM BODY: It's bad!
My place of choice to whittle away my internet hours, the Classic Battletech web forum is down!

Deathshadow, the webdesigner, is working on it. SOme one tell me whe its up. And tell Mr. Foster down on the side bar!
-Michael "nerd" Thompson. COMMENT-AUTHOR:Blogger Brian COMMENT-DATE:11:29 PM COMMENT-BODY:No! The horror, the horror...

I read on Lords of the Battlefield that not only was the site down, but that the host had deleted all the files as well. I hope they don't have to rebuild everything from scratch. :( COMMENT-AUTHOR:Blogger Michael Thompson COMMENT-DATE:6:19 PM COMMENT-BODY:I hope not either!
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