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AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 9/26/2004 09:26:00 PM BODY: O.K. I've started college, and there's some interesting things. In addtion to all the wierd little groups on campus, my student services fee pays for the Minnesota Programs and Activites Council. Among other things, MPAC shows free movies. So I go out with some friends to Friday's 1900 movie. It's Mean Girls, an enjoyable use of several hours.

The main charcater Kady, played by Linsay Lohan, is quite enjoyable as she goes from formerly-home-schooled-by-circumstance new student to part of the "in" clique. The charcter is smart as well as very good looking. On the first day she meets a rather Goth girl and a guy who is "almost to gay to function." The rest of the movie is about that group of three trying to take down the top girl, by making her fat, and driving off her sycophants. Tina Fey, of SNL plays the rather fusturated but attaractive math teacher (in the beginning she has a soaked shirt). It's set in a fictional highschool in around Evanston, IL, so the sad thing is, I pick up on a lot of local references, like Old Orchard Mall (big uncovered mall), and Walker Bros. Pancake House (Best damm place for breakfast in the area. Apple Pancake, Sausage, beverage of choice).

I thought it was an enjoyable use of time, and I liked it, but your milage may vary.

Oh, and Lohan looks better with her hair in a pony tail than in the fancy style., but that's just me.
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