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AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 9/30/2004 10:28:00 PM BODY: I went to the watch the debate tonight at Wiley Hall here on the University. It was rather intersting. There was a panel conversation with the Republicans, Democrats, Greens, and Socialist Alternative (Naderites)

A few brief things.
-There were large Kerry and Nader groups, but I didn't expect them to be quiet.
-The President kept his message consistent, and Sen. Kerry tried to keep as much as possible agianst the President.
-However, the President had a few gaffes, that the crowd reacted to.
-The President attacked Kerry for insulting our real allies, who have common interests. Kerry STILL clings to the idea that the Frogs and the Krauts will always be on our side.
-Both had no problem with fighting to preempt an ememy.
-Both of them kept is civil.
-Sen. Kerry was attacking the President on having 6 way talks with North Korea, and not being part of the Anglo-Franco-German team aginst Iran. Trying to have your cake and eat it too?
-Sen. Kerry rejected the concept that America would bear any burden for Freedom around the world. This is rather distressing.
-The Socialist and Green Panel speakers after the debate were against both candidates. The Green fool refered to the President as a "Fascist," the Republican speaker rebutted it, causing the Communications Professor moderating to break it up.
-Oh, and both the outsiders repeated the "Imperialist" and "War for Oil" canards.

To me, I found the President more realistic, and my self more supportable than Sen. Kerry

This post has a lot of posts COMMENT-AUTHOR:Blogger Vigilante COMMENT-DATE:9:06 AM COMMENT-BODY:You have a point with Kerry on Korea. But, why didn't the Shrub think of it? Therein lies your rub, huh?

I'm linking your site & would appreciate reciprocity?

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COMMENT-AUTHOR:Blogger Michael Thompson COMMENT-DATE:8:40 PM COMMENT-BODY:The reason why the President isn't going after N. Korea 1 on 1 is because that doesn't work. That was tried in the 90's by Pres. Clinton, but the Kim Jong-Il broke that agreement. The Chinese bring in more leverage, becasue they give more.
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