The Applicant
AUTHOR: Michael Thompson DATE: 12/18/2004 01:07:00 AM BODY: I know it's at a god awful hour, but it is an announcement that has to be made.

Uncle Sam just about officially owns me. It becomes official in August. I'll take the obligation.

How and Why?

I got my offical U.S. Military ID card today. It's green, with the Great Seal and the Navy Dept. Seal and "U.S. Navy Reseve" flanking a mug shot. the botttom says "Geneva Conventions Identification Card". In those I'm Catagory III according to the card. Who knows what that means?

Any who, it's finals, and I really should be sleeping. COMMENT-AUTHOR:Blogger Brian Foster COMMENT-DATE:7:07 PM COMMENT-BODY:According to what I found, Category III means "Warrant officers and commissioned officers below the rank of major or prisoners of equivalent rank."

The upshot is if you get captured by a GC signatory nation, they also have to pay you a salary of 50 Swiss francs a month. w00t!

:0 COMMENT-AUTHOR:Blogger Michael Thompson COMMENT-DATE:10:03 AM COMMENT-BODY:Cool!

As a MIDN, I'm the grey area between Warrants and real officers. And with those 50 Swiss Francs, could I get a Secret Swiss Bank Account?
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